Sunday, 21 June 2015

International Yoga Day. . . more power to the mind

Yoga in Sanskrit means the conjunction, the meeting of body and soul, the cosmic Force with the individual Self. It is not a religion but a way of life; a spiritual and mental practice. . A way to study. ; developed in India over 6000 years ago.Yoga is a scientific blend of the body aspiring towards cosmic energy. When a student or teacher folds into a padmasana, he is tapping a source of internal energy. Control of the breath results in a calm mind which helps students study better. Yoga increases circulation to the head resulting in higher memory retentiveness and increased grasping abilities.

This is the first time we are celebrating the day after the UN declared 21st June as International Yoga Day.This was the  result of PM Narendra Modi’s address to the UN General Assembly on 27 Sept 14
Apart from being on the UN calendar permanently, International  Yoga Day will be celebrated with great enthusiasm by the Indian Air Force, the Indian Navy and the Indian Army. Along with the involvement of the Defence Services, celebrations are in order throughout the country , particularly in schools and colleges.

Baba Farid Group of Institutions will be celebrating ‘International Yoga Day’ with grand passion.6 Punjab (Girls) Battalion NCC will be  organizing ‘International Yoga Day’ in association with Baba Farid NCC Unit at BFGI campus.

Each breathing exercise increases vitality in the intellectual psyche. Pranayama in India is not different from the Canadian Air Force deep breathing techniques.Hatha Yoga, as we term the common usage of the word, finds mention in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Some beneficial Asanas

Surya Namaskar: Surya Namaskara, like most asanas, is recommended to be performed on an empty stomach. Therefore some recommend a gap of at least two hours after eating and before performing the namaskara.It is generally practiced in the morning before breakfast or in evening.

Padmaasana: Padmasana or Lotus pose is a cross-legged yoga posture which helps deepen meditation by calming the mind and alleviating various physical ailments. A regular practice of this posture aids in overall blossoming of the practitioner, just like a lotus; and hence the name Padmasana.

Sukhasana: Sukhasana or the easy sitting pose is one of the simplest pose for meditation suited for all beginners. Sukhasana comes from the Sanskrit work ‘Sukham’ which can mean ‘comfort’ , ‘easy’, ‘joyful’, ‘pleasure’, etc. Sukhasana can be done by all age groups.

Bhujangasana: This asana resembles a serpent with its hood raised. Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana is part of the sequence of yoga postures in Padma Sadhana and Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation.

Anajneya-asana: The anjaneya-asana combines several postures and mudras (gestures) in a fluid, evolving flow that combines motion, stretching and holds. It delivers great benefits for the back, arms, chest, legs and hips. Regular practice will strengthen concentration and improve balance.

Dhanurasana: This yoga posture has been named after the shape it takes – that of a bow. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) is part of the Padma Sadhana sequence.It Strengthens the back and abdominal muscles, Stimulates the reproductive organs, Tones the leg and arm muscles.

Chandraasana: The ardha-chandra-asana is a basic stretching and balancing pose that benefits principly the lower back, abdomen and chest. It is equally suitable for use in your stretching routine as well as formal asana practice.

Matsyendra asana: The Half Spinal Twist is one of the best Yoga postures for cultivating flexibility and strength in the spine. It sooths stiff necks and upper back tension caused by stress, poor posture, or prolonged periods of sitting in one position.

The most modern practitioner  of   yoga passed away last year,B K S Iyengar, after resurrecting the popularity of yoga in Mumbai and Pune. The redoubtable Baba Ramdev is testimony to the efficacy of yoga ;since it cured him of polio at a young age. Today the older Ramdev jogs and prances about more fit than a teenager! Many young  students have practiced yoga since it inherently has the ability to calm the active mind towards greater concentration.

Yoga – an ancient science for modern day  studies. De-stress, de-tox and tune in to nature – let’s vow to do that every day on this International Yoga Day. The asanas  await  the wise . . . ‘ Be thou a yogi’ said Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita . . . and Arjun went on to win one of the biggest battles in the history of India!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Go Global with BFGI

With the advent of economic liberalization, internet and globalization in India, the education sector sensed the need and importance of going global. Global recognition and international presence offer enormous benefits to an education institute. These enable the institute to develop pedagogical and curricular logic through programmes like student exchange, dual degree and much more. Such international activities that involve learning and experience in collaboration with foreign partners help in building and increasing the reputation and network of the institute.  Students get a change to understand international economic conditions and get direct access to natural and socio-cultural research, data and expert knowledge. This helps students to successfully pursue their research or inquiry. Global tie-ups help in acquiring internships and placements for students across the borders. Active participation at international conferences and seminars aids in designing and developing a syllabus that caters to the latest educational requirements and prepares students to take up challenges and emerge as leaders. 

Internationally Renowned

BFGI initiated a mission to “Establish and sustain as an internationally renowned higher education institution whose distinctive brand epitomizes world-class excellence in teaching, learning, research and innovation. Our graduates are our brand ambassadors who will be the driving force of both local and global marketplaces.”  With the view to engaging the institution outside its national boundaries, BFGI has embarked upon strategic action. The Chairman of BFGI, Mr. Gurmeet Singh Dhaliwal has attended and represented the education sector of India and BFGI in various conferences across the globe. He has been a part of many business delegations in numerous countries including Canada, Singapore, Norway and Germany. Mr. Dhaliwal accompanied the President of India, the Hon’ble, Pranab Mukherjee on a business delegation to Norway and Finland. During his visit to USA he attended FICCI’s international level ‘The Innovation and Technology Led Business Delegation’ to Silicon Valley, United States America and  TiEcon 2015 which, is amongst the world’s top 10 conferences for entrepreneurship.

BFGI signed a MOU with various globally renowned universities for bilateral research & development, faculty development, skill development, curriculum development, student’s internships and student exchange program. BFGI in association with the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, had organized a seminar on “Developing Institutional Leadership: Strategic Approaches to the Scholarship of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Practice in Higher Education”.  Focusing on the skill development of the students Mr. Dhaliwal attended high level delegation on skill development at Germany.  He presented a Unique Industry Academia Education Model prepared by BFGI and bagged appreciation for the first high end Skill Development Centre in any educational institution in association with NSDC. German

companies and training providers showed a great response and interest in joining hands with BFGI to execute that model and for developing the Skill Development Centre. Mr. Gurmeet Singh Dhaliwal explored the best practices of the German dual system in numerous German industries and educational institutions for providing regular education and training the students for required skills to make them globally employable.

International engagement has become more central to the life and success of the institution. BFGI is expanding its knowledge on the range and variety of engagements like network development, market access and regional integration, technology transfer etc. that help us to build transnational relations. This knowledge base will help the institute and students to rise strong and offer competition to global counterparts.

Friday, 29 May 2015

“Teaching today’s students on their terms” Recommendation’s for 21st Century teachers

Today, information and communications technologies (ICTs) infiltrate classrooms around the world at an exceedingly rapid pace. In the wake of this influx, educators face growing challenges as they teach a much “wired”—and more and more “wireless”—generation of students. There are some useful recommendation’s to match up with the recent generation of students

1. Designing and implementing a comprehensive program for holistic development of the students: Identify the knowledge and skill that your students need, focus upon students overall growth, along with tracking student’s academic performance, also work upon their

·         Personality development,
·         Social development,
·         Emotional development,
·         Healthy relationships and pro-social behavior,
·         Resilience,
·         Developing critical thinking.

To support and enhance student achievements and problem solving skills, a teacher must practice multiple assessments such as project based learning, cross curricular projects and collaborative learning etc.

2. Engaging Teachers as learners: Based on students skill and knowledge identification, now its teachers turn to identify what skill and knowledge they need to acquire. Teachers must integrate new knowledge and understanding of student learning and classroom instruction into their existing knowledge of professional practice. Openness and flexibility for expansion and refining of their personal knowledge base about what it means to be a teacher, constructs understanding of the “classroom encounter” – where instruction, curriculum and student actions intersect.

3. Teaching must be in accordance with the student’s stage of development:  The primary purpose of the teacher is to meet the needs of students by engaging them in rich, personally relevant learning. Conception and development of unique and authentic student- centered teaching method that is according to the student’s stage of development will result effective learning and development of students.  

4. Use of Modern Teaching Techniques:
Educational institutions and teachers need to effectively adopt new teaching technologies or face competitive obsolescence. Students depend upon latest technological instruments to comprehend and internalize abstract learning concepts. Teachers ought to be versed with smart and new teaching technologies, online learning tools to effectively implement instructional strategies so that the diverse set of learners can learn better. To deliver more value for students and parents, teachers to focus on solutions that ensure highly targeted learning, monitor and keep track of their students’ progress in real time through online tests, home assignments, study notes, etc.

5. Having collaborative analysis session: Set aside moments for collaborative analysis session where teachers meet, share, discuss, contemplate and take pedagogical decisions that are based on their experience post incorporating new teaching techniques. Such opportunity allows for multiple perspectives and alternative explanations of student learning to be considered and analyzed. This in turn aligns and challenges how teachers’ and students’ actions are related to underlying beliefs and theories of learning. The quality of collaborative analysis makes all the difference. When engaged in collective analysis practice, teachers question, reason and ponder new ideas for deriving effective teaching methods. Trust, open-mindedness and a high tolerance for ambiguity are necessary characteristics of the collaborative team.

5. Students feedback: Teachers must interact with students for understanding what they expect from their teacher, ask them questions, collect data from student actions and work; analysis of this data offers emergent possibilities to refine planning, instruction and assessment approaches. This method provides new, engaging and relevant solutions to student’s effective learning and achievement.  This process ensures continual pursuit of greater precision, personalization and innovation for teachers.

The character of an institution can be seen in the extent to which its regular functioning reflects concern for quality. Quality Assurance in the education sector is one of the major objectives of BFGI. Teacher education and knowledge up-gradation on timely basis ensures achieving the outcome of enhanced education quality at all levels of education. Following the above recommendations will help teachers to effectively and efficiently teach today’s students on their terms

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Guard your Country against Terrorism


Anti Terrorism Day is observed across the country on May 21, every year, recalling the death of late Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India, who was assassinated on May 21, 1991. Terrorism and insurgency are the unending battles India has been fighting since Independence.  The day highlights and raises awareness about the dangers of terrorism and its dangerous effects on people, society and the country as a whole. Terrorism can be defined as ‘The calculated use of violence or the threat of violence, against civilians in order to attain goals that are political, religious or ideological in nature.’ Terrorism is put into practice through intimidation, coercion or instilling fear.  India is among some of the countries which are increasingly affected by terrorism causing a significant threat to the life of people of India. The regions with long term terrorist activities have been Jammu and Kashmir, east-central and south-central India and the Seven Sisters states (Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura).

Groups involved in terrorism in India:

Few of the militant groups which are spreading terrorism in India includes Al-Qaeda, Babbar Khalsa International, Inter- Services Intelligence (ISI), Jaish-e-Muhammad, Harakat ul-Mujahadeen etc. LTTE is among such militant group which has caused lot of unrest and violence in Srilanka. LTTE is also responsible for the death of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

India subdivides terrorism in four major groups

Ethno-nationalist terrorism - This form of terror focuses either (a) on creating a separate State within India or independent of India or in a neighboring country, or (b) on emphasizing the views/response of one ethnic group against another.
Religious terrorism - This form of terror focuses on religious imperatives, a presumed duty or in solidarity for a specific religious group, against one or more religious groups.
Left wing terrorism - This form of terror focuses on economic ideology, where all the existing socio-political structures are seen to be economically exploitative in character and a revolutionary change through violent means is essential.
Narco terrorism - This form of terror focuses on creating illegal narcotics traffic zones.
What agencies are responsible for fighting terrorism in India?
India has several intelligence agencies that monitor terrorist activities. The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is the external intelligence agency and the Intelligence Bureau (IB), a division of the Home Affairs Ministry, collects intelligence inside India. Narcotics Control Bureau, Defence Intelligence Agency, All India Radio Monitoring Services, etc.

Terrorism indiscriminately affects innocent people, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. BFGI join hands with the government to fight strongly against Terrorism and to provide a safe and secure environment to everybody directly and indirectly associated to our institution. Our minimal efforts to Counter terrorism:

1. Stay vigilant with new neighbors and also for people who don’t seem to belong in the workplace, neighborhood, business establishment or anywhere else.
2. Know your maid’s where about. Make sure you hire maid after necessary police enquiry.
3. Stay vigilant to your surroundings. While travelling in public transport always ensure there is no unattended articles below your seat or anywhere around.
4. Cooperate with the security checking formalities as and when required.
5. Whenever you login from cyber cafĂ©’s ensure you are properly logged-out from your account.
6.  Be observant towards strangers seeking information about military operations, capabilities, or people. Elicitation attempts may be made by mail, fax, and telephone or in person.
7. Tests of Security: If someone is attempting to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of security measures, or if he is attempting to record and analyze reaction times to security breaches, contact your local authorities.

SATP (South Asian Terror Portal) has listed 180 terrorist groups that have operated within India over the last 20 years, many of them co-listed as transnational terror networks operating in or from neighboring South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. Let’s join hands to fight terrorism by having a family emergency plan in place. Safe home, safe neighborhood and safe India. 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

“Mother”, We Salute Thee Mother’s Day

The almighty choose a woman to conceive, nurture and craft a child’s future. Mother is a word which exists in everybody’s vocabulary. Call her by any name and at every instance she symbolizes pure, selfless and unconditional love. “Mother” the name itself flashes endless cherishing and magical memories of childhood and fills our heart with gratitude and respect towards her. Mother’s day celebration is just a negligible effort to recognize her personality as a mother. The day is observed on the second Sunday in May. It is a time to honor mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers for their contribution to family and society. It is a day for many people to show their appreciation towards mothers and mother figures worldwide. Many people give gifts, cards, flowers, candy, a meal in a restaurant or other treats to their mother and mother figures, including grandmothers, great-grandmothers etc. These material gifts will make her happy but your love, care, affection and appreciation will make her blush all the way again.

Although a female is born with an innate qualities of love, care and affection but it is also true that a mother is born when a child is born. She has a natural instinct to take care of an infant in the way that nobody else can every match-up. She sacrifices her sleep, social life and everything possible to ensure comfort to her offspring’s. Bathing, diapering, massaging becomes primarily important while nurturing an infant. She comprise of a bundle of emotions that sometimes defy reason. So this goes out to all the mothers who have kept awake all night with their sick toddlers in their arms, constantly uttering those compassionate words, "It's OK honey, Mommy's here." She walks before her child, as a technique to set an example, protect and teach them about the practical experiences of life. To a teenager she walks behind them to be there should they need her. You will always find her walking beside you when you even are an adult. At every phase of life, a mother stands as a strong pillar to support her children in all thick and thins. 

Call her a teacher, guide, mentor or friend she is the best. We at BFGI, Salutes the spirit of motherhood to honor all the maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. As a mother she contributes tremendously to our education system as she’s the first teacher to every child.  Mother is a woman of great influence.  We bow down and salute all the grandmothers and great grandmothers as well.  This mother’s day go ahead and try these gifting ideas to make her day most rememberable: Fashion jewelry, bracelet, handbags, footwear’s, Handmade cards with lovely message, holiday package, dinner preparation, cake, make a collage of your and her memorable snaps etc. add some personal touch to your gift and wrap it up with your love for her, it will work wonders and make her feel special. Let her know how she matters the most in your life, how her precious love has shaped your unique and successful personality. BFGI acknowledges the never ending love of a mother on this special occasion called “Mother’s Day”.